Welcome to THE JONES MANSION RETREAT CENTER An historic haven for creative minds

The Jones MansionThe Jones Mansion has been a place of interest in Mineral Point since it was built in 1906 by William A. Jones. At that time, those passing by could only imagine the beautiful hand-painted murals, grand staircases, fine woodwork and stained glass windows that were rumored to be inside.

After Mr. William A. Jones passed away in 1912, his wife and children moved to Chicago leaving the beautiful home unoccupied. With the exception of the furniture, the home looks just as it did when it was built 100 years ago.

Today, owners Lori and Joe Bartol welcome groups to enjoy the majestic splendor of the Mansion as an unconventional getaway for creative retreats and gatherings. Guests are free to enjoy and use all rooms and facilities within the house, including the kitchen, formal dining room and third floor creative studio.


The Jones Mansion, 215 Ridge Street, Mineral Point, WI 53565
(608) 332-7210, e-mail: jonesmansion@gmail.com


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